Kylie Jenner: I HATE Posting Sexy Selfies!

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If you've ever been to Kylie Jenner's Instagram page, you know the girl posts a lot of racy photos. In fact, it's pretty much what she's known for at this point.

But if her latest interview is to be believed, Kylie takes no pleasure in posting the kind of pics that get her the most attention:

Kylie Jenner Marie Claire Cover

Kylie is one of several young celebs to cover the new issue of Marie Claire.

Inside the mag, she discusses her distaste for revealing social media posts:

“When I post sexy photos, I always regret it," Kylie says. "Like, Oh my God, everyone is seeing my body. I get really weird about it.”

Hmm...seems like if Kylie really regretted those pics, she could just stop posting them, but maybe the situation is more complex than we realize.

After all, Kylie is more popular than her sisters these days, and it's primarily due to her revealing social media posts.

We can see how she might feel pressured to continue giving the people what they want - but at the same time, Kylie is the one who conditioned her fans to expect racy content on her Instagram page.

This is a girl who would be famous no matter what she did, but she realized early on that she could get even more attention by showing a lot of skin.

Look, it's no coincidence that Kylie has basically transformed herself into Kim Kardashian through various cosmetic procedures.

Kim is obviously a role model for Kylie, and when you're a young woman whose older sister achieved unimaginable fame and fortune through a sex tape, racy pics might seem like an easy way to follow in her footsteps.

We just hope Kylie is aware that there are other paths available, especially for someone with her connections and opportunities.

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