Kim Richards: Headed to JAIL For Probation Violation?!

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Last year, Kim Richards was arrested for public intoxication after getting drunk at The Polo Lounge and resisting police officers who tried to remove her from the premises.

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Shortly thereafter, Richards was arrested for shoplifting at Target which is not exactly the sort of crime you expect from a Beverly Hills Housewife.

Kim got off with a couple slaps on the wrist, both because the law works differently for famous people (even C-listers like Richards) and because it was clear to the court that her actions were the result of a serious drinking problem.

But while she wasn't forced to do any jail time, the 51-year-old reality star was required to fulfill certain obligations in order to prove to the court that she was serious about staying sober.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Kim has not upheld her end of the bargain, and there's a good chance she'll soon find herself behind bars.

According to the site, Richards has failed to provide documentation that she attended 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the past year.

That, coupled with the fact that Richards tried to get out of community service by faking a foot injury (and later getting photographed at a red carpet event wearing heels) has reportedly left the judge in her case seriously angry.

Insiders tell TMZ that arrest warrant might be issued as early as today if Kim doesn't proof that she attended the meetings and completed her community service hours.

Sources close to Kim say that won't be easy - because she hasn't fulfilled either requirement.

If the court decides to make an example of Kim (which seems to be the most likely scenario at the moment) she may wind up serving 60 days behind bars.

Her family is reportedly worried that she's off the wagon, as they can't imagine else she would shirk such important responsibilities.

We'll have updates on this story as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online to see Kim in happier times.

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