Kim Kardashian: Packing a Weed Pipe for Coachella??

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Coachella is right around the corner, and dozens of celebrity assistants are busy piecing together flower crowns for their famous clients in honor of the occasion.

The music and arts festival has been known to bring out the boho in even the most glam-addicted stars, and it seems that even Kim Kardashian has fallen under its hippie spell.

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The reality star took to her website to include a list of festival essentials to pack to get you through your weekend in the desert.

Along with an Apple watch, Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens and a $78 towel, Kim includes the Digger One Hitter Pipe, sold at for just $7.

The "classic, stealthy cigarette-style" hitter features "grinder teeth at the tip to break up your bud as you fill the bowl!"

Yes, the exclamation point was included in the description, because that's how exciting it really is.

Now, we wouldn't bat an eye if we found the paraphernalia in the bag of, say, marijuana maven Miley Cyrus or even Kim's former BFF Paris Hilton, who was arrested for possession at the World Cup.

But Kim has always claimed to lead a clean lifestyle, free of booze and drugs.

"I've never been a drinker, I've never gotten into drugs," she told Jay Leno in 2010. "And I hate the taste of alcohol."

Maybe she's relaxed her stance now that she's got the burden of looking after two kids (or rather, looking after the nanny looking after her two kids), and having Kanye West for a spouse is bound to cause almost anyone to go grabbing for the ganja.


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