Kim Kardashian: CHEATED on Kris Humphries with Bodyguard??

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In his tell-all book, Kardashian Dynasty, author Ian Halperin dropped a lot of bombshells about what he calls "America's royal family."

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He accused Kris Jenner of trying to "cure" her husband Caitlyn of being transgendered.

Then he alleged that the momager orchestrated her daughter Kim Kardashian's relationship with Kanye West in order to repair PR damage after the selfie's queen's marriage to Kris Humphries dissolved after just 72 days.

And now, Halperin is dishing even more dirt on Kim's relationship with Humphries, alleging that she cheated on him.

According to the book, Kim began dating Humphries publicly around October 2010, but was also hooking up with her Australian bodyguard Shengo Deane at the time.

The double-dating allegedly took place in NYC, when the reality star was filming Kim and Kourtney Take New York in October and November of that year.

Kim's romance with Deane aired on the show the following February, when her relationship with Humphries was well under way.

“Certainly, as her and Shengo’s relationship unfolded on air, she was already publicly dating Humphries,” Halperin wrote.

Ultimately, as we know, Kim picked Humphries and the two lived happily for a few months after.

If you ask me, this is a little bit of a snooze fest compared to the previous two revelations.

When you're just beginning to date someone, it's not usually exclusive right away. Big deal if Kim was seeing two dudes at once.

More than likely, at least one of them was probably all for the cameras, anyway.

So, what else you got, Halperin?

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