Kailyn Lowry: Photo With Mystery Man Leads to Rumors She's Cheating on Javi Marroquin

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Ever since Javi Marroquin went overseas for a tour of duty with the US Air Force in December, rumors that he and Kailyn Lowry are on the verge of divorce have been circulating non-stop.

Kailyn Lowry, Husband

But this isn't just the usual speculation that surrounds every reality show couple.

These two have given us ample reason to believe that they're about to call it quits (if they haven't already).

First, Kailyn and Javi stopped following each other on social media.

It was a big deal, as Instagram and Twitter were reportedly their primary means of keeping in contact with another during his deployment.

Not long after that, Kailyn was spotted not wearing her wedding ring on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards.

Again, something of a big deal, as it's not like she slipped it off to do the dishes.

Kailyn knew about the rumors, and she knew she was attending a a public event where she'd be photographed a lot (alongside her ex, Jo Rivera, no less), but she opted to go ringless anyway.

Now, there's this photo of a Kailyn with a male friend, which has naturally caused her Instagram followers to positively lose their sh-t:

Kailyn Lowry Mystery Man Photo

Rumors of Javi cheating on Kailyn spread like wildfire after a photo of him hanging out with a female friend began to circulate online, so we guess the latest gossip about Kailyn was to be expected.

Lowry's followers didn't disappoint and the comments section is full of speculation about what's going on with Kailyn and her unidentified dude:

“I think these two are together,” wrote one commenter on Instagram.

“Where’s your wedding ring at? Wow marriage means nothing to people now!” wrote another.

In fairness, Kailyn captured the pic, "Can't go a day," along with flame and wining smiley face Emojis.

That's basically the equivalent of a divorce decree in 2016.

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