Kailyn Lowry Ditches Dreadlocks, Fans Breathe Sigh of Relief

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Yesterday, photos of Kailyn Lowry sporting dreadlocks elicited...let's say mixed reactions from her fan base.

Okay, we were just being nice. Aside from a handful of diehard Teen Mom 2 fans who were just desperate for a re-tweet from Kailyn, no one had anything good to say about the dreads. Fortunately, the girl knows how to take criticism:

Kailyn Lowry: No More Dreads!

Kailyn posted the above photo today as a way of assuring fans she's returned to the hairstyle they know and have no strong feelings about.

She confusingly explained her reasoning with a 50 Cent lyric, writing, They Told Me Switch The Style Up & If They Hate Then Let Them Hate & Watch The Money Pile Up."

Wouldn't letting them hate mean keeping the dreads? And what does any of this have to do with her bank account?

Anyway, some fans interpreted the hairstyle as a cry for help and posted concerned tweets about Kailyn going off the rails.

We guess those people can breathe easy now. They also should consider no longer reading so much into people's hairstyles.

Sadly, there's still reason to believe that Kailyn has separated from her husband, and she's very likely going though a difficult time, but hey - at least her hair looks better!

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