Kailyn Lowry: Did She Undergo MORE Plastic Surgery?!

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Back in January, Kailyn Lowry underwent a "Brazilian butt lift" that dramatically reshaped her entire body.

Kailyn's before and after photos shocked fans, many of whom expressed their hope that Kailyn wouldn't become addicted to cosmetic procedures like some other stars of the Teen Mom franchise. (We're looking at you, Farrah Abraham!)

Kailyn Lowry Lip Injection photo

Now, Kailyn's latest Instagram posts have convinced many of her followers that their worst fears have come true.

The above photo in particular, in which Ms. Lowry enjoys a reunion with her TM2 co-star Chelsea Houska has attracted attention from fans who cite it as evidence that Kail has gone ahead and gotten more work done.

It appears that she's had her lips plumped, which is usually the result of temporary injections and not any sort of invasive surgical procedure, but even so, the comments section is full of concern (or insults disguised as concern)

"Ok kali u look good...no more botox in the face," wrote one "fan."

"You look like you're struggling to smile with those new sausage lips," another slammed.

Finally, one merciless troll issued the ultimate low-blow:

"She's starting to look like Farrah."

Needless to say, it's a lot of criticism for what's ultimately a pretty minor change, but we're sure Ms. Lowry is used to it.

Earlier this month, Kailyn put her hair in dreadlocks and was verbally eviscerated when she posted a selfie online.

Clearly, the newly-single Kail is just trying out some new looks following her apparent split from Javi Marroquin, but fans aren't having it because...it's 2016 and social media brings out the worst in everyone?

We're not really sure.

What we are sure of is that you can always watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic if you're really missing Kailyn's old look.

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