Kailyn Lowry: CHEATING on Javi Marroquin With Jordan Wenner?!

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The relationship drama between Kailyn Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin is becoming curiouser and curiouser.

While neither party has confirmed whether they're still together, broken up or working it out, suddenly an ex-boyfriend from Kail's past has emerged.

Kailyn Lowry and Jordan Wenner

Jordan Wenner, the man with whom Kailyn cheated on baby daddy Jo Rivera, just tweeted about a recent hang out he had with the Teen Mom 2 star.

“@KailLowry it was great seeing you and catching up should totally do it again soon,” Jordan wrote on Twitter.

Kailyn played dumb and acted like it didn't happen.

“Lmfao, I just got back from la. How did I see you?” she tweeted back.

“Cause I was in la too ahaha duh,” responded Jordan.

"Interesting," wrote Kailyn.

Kailyn Lowry and Jordan Wenner tweets


When an ex-boyfriend tries to publicly stir up shiz knowing that your marriage is under duress, that's not interesting, it's f--ked up.

Could Kailyn be purposely taunting Javi, who seemingly outed himself for cheating after tweeting about a naughty pic he sent to another woman?

The husband and wife team unfollowed each other on Twitter shortly after that incident, fueling rumors that divorce was imminent.

Earlier this month, it was a different story.

Kailyn denied divorce rumors on the social media platform with a simple "No" in response to a fan who asked point blank if the two were separating.

But then she back pedaled by retweeting “Things happen, people grow apart" and "It’s life. Keep moving forward.”

What's more, she ditched her wedding ring while attending the MTV Movie Awards and was seen hanging out with Jo at the event.

Jeebus. These people are more screwed up than the cast members on Teen Mom

Oh, wait...

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