Kailyn Lowry Brings Back Dreadlocks; Fans Voice Displeasure

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Earlier this month Kailyn Lowry posted a photo of herself with dreadlocks on Instagram, and her followers lost their ever-longing minds.

Why? Well, that's anyone's guess, but the important thing is that Kailyn bowed to the pressure from fans, haters and people who are easily offended by hairstyles and ditched the dreadlocks - which is why many followers are confused by her latest selfie:

Kailyn Lowry Dreadlocks Return

Yep, there's Kailyn, rockin' the locks once again.

As you can see, she's shilling the same magic weight loss tea that seems to be a favorite selfie prop amongst C-list celebrity stars on Instagram these days.

So it's possible that Kailyn was contractually obligated to post a photo of herself sipping some "@FlatBellyTea (#ThankMeLater)," but why would she choose one where she's sporting dreads?

She had the hairstyle for all of about four hours, and she was clearly bothered by the reaction from her fans because she immediately went back to her old 'do.

We can't imagine the tea company that's clearly compensating Kailyn to post this pic would be very pleased with her essentially confirming to fans that she hasn't drank the stuff in weeks.

Are we putting way too much thought into a Teen Mom 2 star's hair? Absolutely! But so are her fans:

"Hair?!" wrote baffled user.

"Not again!" wrote another, who clearly doesn't approve of Kailyn's choice of coiffure.

"This is old. Do your research before you insult someone! You're embarrassing yourselves by assuming," wrote another, who clearly has the lowdown on Kailyn's hair-related choices.

Frankly, we don't know who to believe anymore.

We're just gonna go listen to some Bob Marley, watch Teen Mom 2 online, and sip some Flat Belly Tea until this whole thing blows over.

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