Brooklyn Decker Misses Flight to Breast Pump, Is Not Happy About It

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It's not easy being a new mother.

And it's especially not easy being a new, first-time mother.

Brooklyn Decker, One Kewl Mom

You're constantly tired. You're often confused. And you're a tad overwhelmed by the prospect of having to keep a tiny human being alive.

Just ask Brooklyn Decker, who gave birth to a son in October and who now has a new source of frustration to add to her list of parenthood complaints.

The model took to Twitter on Wednesday in order to vent about an incident that at an unnamed airport, where she was flying home after leaving little Hank for a night for the first time since he came into the world.

Even before any hiccups affected the trip, Decker wrote on social media that she felt like a “mess” for being away from her child.

"Moms: booze is my only solution,right?" she joked on Twitter.

But then she stopped laughing due to what happened next.

Writing that she was “#Spiraling” over confusion about whether to “pump in your seat on the flight” or in “the bathroom,” Decker explained to followers that there were a pair of mechanical delays.

As a result, passengers were told they could de-plane until the situation was resolved.

"I did," she wrote. "Pumped in the bathroom. Returned 15 min later. Flight closed. Deeeeep breaths."

For understandable reasons, however, those deep breaths only worked to a small extent.



Decker is not an avid Tweeter and doesn't consider herself someone who complains or over-shares. But...

"I repeat-this is the FIRST TIME leaving my baby," she added. "I don't know why I'm sharing all of this. I'm just livid. And tweeting. Whilst drinking."

And that booze may have played in a role in Decker next taking a broader view of the issues affecting mothers around the world.

"As women and as moms we try to do it all but it sure ain't easy," she wrote, adding:

"Crazy thing is I got off to pump thinking, 'I don't want to offend the guy next to me.' But why? He probably sucked a boob too. #winemusings."

They may be wine musings, but that doesn't make them any less true.

Here's to hoping Brooklyn did eventually make it home for some cozy cuddles with Hank.

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