Beyonce to Jay Z: I Love You So Much!

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According to a recent report, Jay Z has been booed on the streets of Miami over the past few days.

The rapper has been in town because his wife opened her "Formation" tour in that city on Wednesday night.

Beyonce Lemonade Photo

But while Florida residents may be unhappy with Jay Z at the moment - as a result of cheating allegations that have cropped up once again due to the lyrics in Beyonce's Lemonade - there's at least one person who appears to still be a big fan of the musician:

Beyonce herself.

Yes, the same woman who dominated headlines all weekend by seemingly singing all about her husband's infidelity.

Four days after releasing her extremely personal new record, Beyonce took to the stage at Marlins Park in Miami and slayed like only she can.

Drawing mostly from her latest albums, the artist sang a set that lasted approximately two hours and which included such tracks as “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” “Sorry” and “Bootylicious.”

She also led a sing-along of “Purple Rain” at one point, paying tribute to Prince.

At one point, she thanked the late singer for his "beautiful music."

But that wasn't Beyonce's only shout-out of the evening.

She closed the show with a rendition of 2008’s “Halo,” telling the crowd prior to belting out this ballad:

“I want to dedicate this song to my beautiful husband. I love you so much.”

Does this mean there is no cheating scandal? That Beyonce and Jay Z have been playing us for fools in order to sell an album?

Does this mean that Beyonce has simply forgiven her man for possibly sleeping with Rachel Roy?

We can honestly say that we have no idea. But we're asking these questions, aren't we?

We're talking about the couple. We're indirectly promoting Beyonce and her new music.

So either Beyonce is using a personal hurt to benefit herself professionally... or she's manipulating the public by creating a phony personal hurt in order to benefit herself professionally.

Either way, she is in control.

Aside from the explosion depicted in the following GIF, that sound you hear is Beyonce - laughing all the way to the bank.

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