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Ariel Winter is the Internet’s obsession of the moment, and we can think of at least two reasons why…

Ariel Winter: Cleavage at Coachella
Ariel Winter Coachella Pic
Ariel Winter Coachella Pic

Yes, if you weren’t aware, Ms. Winter has huge boobs.

In fact, she recently underwent a breast reduction surgery, and they’re still really, really, really quite large.

Ariel attended Coachella over the weekend, and like the many other celebs who decamped to Indio, CA to shell out major bucks for VIP tickets so they could rock out to bands they’d never heard of, she rocked a flesh-baring rich hippie look.

At this point in her career, however, Ariel could stack a dozen flower crowns on top of a four-foot tall Native American headdress, and everyone’s eyes would still go right for the assets that have made her a living legend on Instagram.

Her followers’ somewhat troubling (The girl’s only 18.), but equally understandable obsession really kicked off when Ariel wore a low-cut dress on Easter Sunday and posted some revealing photos of it on social media.

Shortly thereafter, Ariel went on a spring break vacation in the Bahamas, and the resulting photos of her butt in a bikini were an instant hit because the Internet is basically a globally-connected creepy uncle.

Over the weekend, Ariel shared the pics from her Coachella experience, and by now, she certainly knows what kind of response she’ll get.

Maybe she enjoys the attention; maybe it weirds her out, but whatever the case, she shouldn’t have to refrain from posting whatever kind of pics she wants just because her followers have the mentality of a late-’80s Howard Stern.

We encourage Ariel to keep posting pics like this one for as long as she feels like it.

Not because of her Jessica Rabbit-like curves (although we’re certainly fans of those), but because it’s her right, and in today’s age of sex tapes and dick pics, this is downright tame by comparison.

Besides there are way worse things one can get into at Coachella.

We’ll start worrying when Ariel starts posting pics of her popping Molly with Lindsay Lohan.

Til then, we’ll just assume that she’s doing fine.