Yolanda Foster Bursts Into Tears Over Divorce While Filming Reunion Show

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It's been nearly four months since Yolanda and David Foster announced their divorce, and insiders say the couple knew it was over long before they went public with the news.

Yolanda Hadid and David Foster

Even so, it seems the shattered marriage is still a very touchy subject for Yolanda, who reportedly burst into tears while taping the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show last week.

Sources say Yolanda lost her composure while watching a montage of happy moments she enjoyed with David. 

Apparently, the moment came as a surprise to Yolanda, who had previously made it clear to producers that she had no interest in talking about her divorce on camera.

"Andy Cohen attempted to get Yolanda to talk about what led to the break-up but she wasn't having it," the source said. "From Yolanda's viewpoint, this isn't part of any public discussion or part of the show. This is a very, very sad time for her."

Yolanda's friend and co-star Erika Girardi reportedly came to her defense and encouraged host Andy Cohen to move on to another topic.

"Erika is very, very protective of Yolanda and didn't think it was appropriate that Andy seemed to be digging in," says the insider.

"Yolanda revealed she loves David, and that will never change, but they just could no longer be married."

Last week, we learned that Yolanda came to the reunion ready to fight, as several of the other ladies have questioned if the 52-year-old really has Lyme disease, or if she's just faking her symptoms for attention.

Onlookers say Foster's illness came up while she was discussing her marriage, as she wondered aloud if her divorce was related to her health issues.

"David never really got to be married to the healthy, carefree Yolanda, because she got the disease shortly after they were married," says one source.

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