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Rumors that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are headed for divorce have been circulating for months now, and obviously they’ve all turned out to be bogus thus far, but we still wouldn’t be surprised to see the muscular couple call it quits soon.

Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Red Carpet Image
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After a season that ended in disappointment, the 38-year-old Patriots QB will probably be facing his final go-round in the NFL, and insiders have claimed that both he and Gisele are worried about how their marriage will hold up in the absence of Tom’s one true love – football.

Obviously, Tom will miss the intensely competitive atmosphere of the NFL and the camaraderie of his teammates, and while Gisele probably looks better in a sleeveless hoodie than Bill Belichick, she’s reportedly worried that Brady may struggle with life as a house husband.

So she figures the best way to replace the rollercoaster ride of victory and defeat is with the thrill of sleeping through the night and the agony of changing poopy diapers. 

Yes, insiders say Gisele may already be pregnant with the couple’s third child.

She hasn’t made any sort of announcement yet, but according to OK! magazine, Gisele’s hair is a dead giveaway. 

We know it’s a bit of a stretch, but Bundchen’s friends say she’s meticulous about coloring her hair – except when she’s pregnant.

She’s reportedly been neglecting her roots lately, which they say is a sure sign that she’s either expecting or hoping to get knocked up.

Whatever the case, Tom and Gisele are undoubtedly coming off the most difficult year of their marriage, which was capped off by Brady’s alleged involvement with Christine Ouzounian –  the nanny whom Ben Affleck dated after his divorce from Jennifer Garner.

But despite a few incriminating photos, by all accounts Brady never cheated.

Which is obviously incredibly ironic, since he plays for the Patriots. Just kidding, Pats fans!