The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Motherf--ker, Get Some Help!

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 17, the ladies departed for Dubai and had to adjust to the culture accordingly.

Lisa Rinna, meanwhile, continued to instill doubts in the group, and Brandi Glanville dispensed her infinite wisdom as only she can ...

When The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 17 began, Kyle was visibly moved at the Global Lyme Alliance gala.

Listening to Gigi Hadid talk about her mother Yolanda Foster and how "shame" her, Kyle told cameras she had a drastic change of heart:

"I always felt, like, dirty and weird even hearing Lisa Rinna [say] 'Munchausen,' and being in that setting, and not being more defensive."

"And being here tonight, I feel bad about that. It's really hard because a part of me feels guilty for talking about her children. It's really upsetting."

Kyle apologized to Yolanda, who was moved to tears: "When it hit her emotions, I knew. That's all I wanted was for them to understand."

Everything was not well in the life of Yolanda, however.

She confided in Brandi Glanville that her relationship with David Foster has been a "challenge," and that "it's hard on him not having a wife."

Brandi's take on it? "She used to be David's everything."

"She used to take of David, she did everything for him."

It's still not clear on the surface what's wrong when you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online. But we know how this ends.

Badly. David Foster says Yolanda is faking it.

As for the Dubai trip, those were some good, awkward times talking about Middle East culture and traditions ... and more Lyme Disease.

"I've never doubted that she's sick," Rinna said, showing a Jax Taylor or Kristen Doute-like ability to actually believe what she's saying. 

"I question sometimes not her sickness - how she uses it, how she displays it and when she chooses to show up and when she doesn't."

Erika Girardi came to Yolanda's defense.

"I think she would like to be here with us tonight. Why would you rather be at home instead of being here? Look at where we are," she said.

"This is a gorgeous place, Lisa. Who doesn't want to see her two daughters absolutely dominate Fashion Week in New York and Paris?"

"Who wants to stay in a bathrobe?"

A good question. But the quote of Tuesday night belongs to - who else - Brandi, who weighed in on all things Lisa Rinna in epic fashion.

"I think that wig glue is going to her brain, and she needs to check herself. It's one wig in one style. No, I'm not lying. She wears wigs."

Brandi then wrote an imaginary letter:

"Dear Lisa Rinna, get a f--king life."

"Eat some food and stop talking about my friends. You have nothing else going on in your life. Hashtag straight jacket; hashtag real friends."

"Motherf--ker, get some help." 


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