The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 10 Recap: The Women Tell ALL (or Not)!

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On The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 10, Ben Higgins had to face the music from all the women he has cut loose thus far here in 2016.

Higgins and Harrison

As always, if you want to know who wins Ben's final final rose on the finale ... there was not a lot in this two hours of filler for you.

Then again, The Bachelor spoilers have you covered. Hard.

If you prefer to remain spoiler-free ... don't click the link above, but feel free to read our recap of the nonsense that is the Women Tell All.

In the aftermath of the overnight dates, The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 10 saw Mr. Higgins and other familiar faces in the hot seat.

If you watch The Bachelor online, you know how this annual prelude to the finale goes, but that doesn't mean there weren't highlights.

Yes, season after season, the filler is mundane, but at least we know Rachel is still Unemployed, and Tiara is still a Chicken Enthusiast.

We also got to revisit Jubilee, a.k.a. Jubs, who became a fan favorite with many viewers, but not a favorite among the girls in the house.

Jami and Amber claimed Jubilee called herself “the real black girl,” and saying things like “you’re not black enough” to Jami and Amber.

Lace, a.k.a. the Crazy Girl from earlier this season, and Olivia Caridi, who claimed her insane title and then some, both made appearances.

In Olivia's case, she didn't come across as sympathetic as she'd (probably) hoped, but she did get a chance to apologize to her co-stars.

There was at least a little self-awareness there, no?

Also, Becca Tilley forgot which season she was on and referred to The Bachelor as Chris (Soules) in a blooper shown to the audience.

Just imagine when Nick Viall returns for a third season and woos Caila Quinn The Bachelorette this summer. He's destined to do this.

And finally, Ben Higgins is engaged!! To someone!

We don't know who, of course, but he flat out said that he would marry the person he chose tomorrow if he could. So it's going well.

Or he's putting on a good front. One or the other.

Who do you think Ben will pick? Who should he pick? Hit the comments below to discuss, and yes, read the spoilers above for answers.

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