Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 19 Recap: Miss Me Yet?

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Tuesday night, on a riveting Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 19, Hanna and Caleb hatched a plan to confront the tormentor head on.

How did their counterattack go? What was the fallout?

In truth, there wasn't a whole lot that went on this week.

"What the hell just happened?" Spencer asked, and we're right there with her, because honestly we have no idea what to tell you.

Perhaps it's not a huge shock considering the show we're talking about, but last night only left us with more questions than answers.

Next week's finale should clear EVERYTHING up ... 

Right? Because PLL HATES loose ends. Anyway. Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 19 picked up right where last week left off.

As you know if you watch Pretty Little Liars online, A brought the hammer down on Aria a week ago, but this week saw a new victim.

Alison was in the hospital with a concussion after a nasty fall down the stairs, during her honeymoon with her therapist, Dr. Rollins.

All part of A's nefarious, masterminded plot?

While we didn't see any visual evidence that her spill down the stairs wasn't merely a freak accident, that was certainly the implication.

A has a way of making a point. Ominously.

Meanwhile, Emily and Spencer tailed Sara Harvey's handler and rifled through his things, then saw him exchange plans with Sara!

Also, Hanna and Caleb hatched a (more or less terrible) plan to offer a fake confession as bait. The closing line? “I murdered Charlotte.”

Until next week, Liars. Until. Next. Week.

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