Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 18 Recap: Up in Smoke

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They say that love hurts.

But we're not sure if that saying is supposed to apply to what went down on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 18... when Hanna's bridal shower was set on fire by a certain uninvited guest.

Here's a hint: his or her name rhymes with Muber Shay.

The arson attempt left Aria in the hospital, which did at least mean we were treated to a nice moment between her and Ezra.

But it also left our heroines with a mere taste of what their new, emoji-obsessed villain has in store for them if they don’t reveal the name of Charlotte's killer by election night.

It would help if they actually knew the killer's identity, of course.

Elsewhere on this installment of the Freeform hit:

We learned, via flashback, that Spencer and Toby broke up due to a pregnancy scare during the former’s sophomore year at Georgetown.

This helped the couple realize they wanted different things in life.

Thinking back to this difficult time also motivated Spencer to tell Toby the truth about Caleb’s role in the Yvonne leak… which have been more a helpful reveal prior to Toby punching Caleb in the face.

Spencer did call Toby’s girlfriend with her own apology, however.

Can we now cross Melissa off the list of suspects?

We discovered on Tuesday night that someone was blackmailing this constantly suspicious young woman, threatening to out who truly killed Bethany Young back in the day.

This explains why Melissa returned to Rosewood in the first place. Right? Or does it make her look even more guilty? Oh, Melissa. How you confound us so.

Two other questions to ask of those who are about to watch Pretty Little Liars online in order to catch up:

  1. Who was driving the car that nearly hit Emily last week?
  2. How should we feel about Mona? Is there any chance she has changed for real?

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