O.J. Simpson Jokes About New Murder Evidence: If the Knife is Rusted, I Can't Be Busted!

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Ealier this month, TMZ reported that back in 1998, a knife was found buried near the home where Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson had been murdered several years prior.

O.J. Simpson at Parole Hearing

Many found it hard to believe that a possible key piece of evidence in one of the 20th Century's most notorious murder cases could have been kept hidden from the public for so long.

Shockingly, however, the LAPD confirmed the discovery and verified the story that the knife had been in the possession of a retired officer for nearly two decades.

Simpson, of course, is currently behind bars on kidnapping and assault charges, but since he's eligible for parole next year, he was no doubt quite pleased with yesterday's announcement that no DNA was found on the knife.

In fact, according to his self-proclaimed "BFF," Simpson thinks the whole situation is just hilarious.

Jeffrey Felix is a retired prison guard who's soon to release a memoir entitled Guarding the Juice: How O.J. Simpson Became My Prison BFF

Felix says he and O.J. had a good, raucous laugh over the discovery of the weapon that may have been used to brutally murder Simpson's wife:

“O.J. thinks the knife thing is a complete joke and he wants to know why it was held on to for 18 years before it was turned in,” Felix said in a recent interview with ABC News.

“He jokingly says, ‘If the knife is rusted, I can’t be busted.’

“O.J. told me one time that only two people alive know who committed the Brentwood murders: Him and Al Cowlings,” Felix recalled. “Al Cowlings was the one that drove the white Bronco and Al Cowlings was O.J.’s best friend.”

So basically O.J. has stopped even pretending that he's innocent? Good to know.

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