North West: Who's Her Daddy?!?

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If the following story is true, we cannot wait to read the next Kanye West Twitter rant...

North West Daddy Issue

The latest issue of Star Magazine alleges that the rapper may not actually be the biological father of his assumed daughter, North West.

Because Kim Kardashian had an affair and cheated on her man? Not quite.

The tabloid explains that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress had her embryos frozen some time around 2012 because she wanted to ensure she could conceive a child some day.

Then Kim met Kanye.

But Kanye wasn't ready to be a father just yet.

With her biological clock counting down, "Kim may have had one of the embryos implanted," the magazine hilariously writes.

"She didn’t have time to wait for Kanye."

Fast forward to December 2012, when Kanye and Kim announced they were expecting, and a Star sources alleges that friends of the latter were “suspicious” because the couple had not been an item for very long.

(Ignore the fact, apparently, that two people can know each other for approximately 30 seconds and still create a child together.)

"People are speculating that Kim tricked Kanye into believing they conceived in Italy," the cover story reads.

This way, West "wouldn’t figure out the real story that she’d already been implanted with an embryo that had another man’s DNA!"

Moreover, Star figures it might as well go all out here, as it also claims that Saint West may not belong to Kanye either.

Might Kim have used an embryo again in order to give North a "full-blood sibling?"

No. But that's what the article wants readers to consider.

"Kim’s inner circle is not convinced about North’s paternity," the tabloid states. "If it ever came out that Kanye isn’t their father, it would tear the family apart."

It's probably a good thing for the Kardashians, therefore, that this will never come out. Considering it's a big fat lie and everything.

And speaking of lies about Kim Kardashian...

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