Michelle Duggar: Criticized For Spending During Family Financial Crisis

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Earlier today, we reported that a friend of the Duggar family is claiming that Michelle was so distraught in the weeks following the sex scandals that shattered her family's reputation that she "mourned" her son Josh as though he were dead.

Michelle Duggar on 19 Kids

Obviously, Michelle was mainly angry about Josh's sexual misconduct, but like the rest of the family, she's reportedly also upset by the fact that the 28-year-old cost his parents and siblings their livelihood, as the reality show that made them famous was canceled as a result of his actions.

With 19 Kids and Counting a distant memory, some of the Duggar siblings have returned to television with Jill and Jessa: Counting On, which recently kicked off its first full season on TLC.

Unfortunately for Jim Bob and Michelle, the show doesn't pay as much as 19 Kids did, and the cash goes entirely to the Duggar children, not their parents.

Obviously, the parents receive some financial assistance from their kids, but they're reportedly still struggling.

Now Star magazine is reporting that Michelle Duggar has been spending wildly in recent months, and drawing criticism from fans as a result.

The tabloid claims Michelle was spotted on a shopping spree with daughter Jennifer Duggar earlier this week, and fans have had some harsh words for the matriarch on social media.

Part of the problem is that the Duggars asked for donations in the months after Josh's scandal, and now it seems that they're having no trouble supporting their many children.

While Jim Bob is a successful businessman in his tiny hometown, many are wondering how the couple is getting by without the reality TV income they've admitted to relying on.

And if they're no longer struggling - why haven't they returned the funds donated by fans, or at least passed them on to a worthy charity?

Watch Jill & Jessa: Counting On online to see how the next generation of Duggars is moving on.

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