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Back in December, Madonna’s son Rocco Ritchie moved in with his father, Guy Ritchie, and has spent most of the time since living with the film director in the UK. 

Despite reports that she feels humiliated and heartbroken about the whole situation Madge has carried on, touring non-stop in support of her Rebel Heart album.

Madonna at the 2015 Grammys

Unfortunately, insiders say the 57-year-old is merely throwing herself into her work to take her mind off her troubled family life – and in her quieter hours, she resorts to much more dangerous coping mechanisms.

“Madonna seems to like her anti-psych meds,” a source close to the pop star tells Radar Online, noting that Clonozepam seems to be her drug of choice.

The source adds that Madonna has recently taken to mixing booze with her medications, which may be the cause of her recent erratic behavior, such as stumbling and slurring her words on stage, and engaging in social media tirades worthy of Kanye West.

According to several reports, the singer may have hit rock bottom over the weekend during a concert in Brisbane.

Witnesses say she took the stage late, chugged straight from a bottle of tequila, crawled around onstage, and even guzzled the mystery contents of a flask that she took from an audience member.

Madonna’s touring crew has reportedly staged multiple mini-interventions, but it seems their admonitions to take it easy have fallen on deaf ears.

“She doesn’t listen to anyone,” says the source.