Leah Messer Responds to Critics: See? I DO Feed My Kids!

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Monday's Teen Mom 2 season premiere has generated a tremendous amount of controversy due to a scene involving what many believe to be a very questionable parenting decision on the part of the show's most oft-criticized cast member, Leah Messer.

Messer, L.

The episode shows Leah appearing to deny her daughters breakfast as she rushes them off to school.

During the drive, the girls complain of being hungry and cold, and Leah is shown arguing with them and texting while driving.

Leah took to Twitter to respond to claims that she's neglecting her daughters, but she only made the problem worse by referring to one of her twin girls as a "drama queen."

Given that she recently lost custody of her twins due in part to her inability to get them to school on time, it's surprising that Leah would be so flippant about a scene that outraged so many viewers.

Perhaps that's why today she posted a photo of her youngest, Addie, enjoying a morning meal:

Leah Messer Feeds Her Daughter!

“Mommas baby wanted pancake and sausage on a stick, yogurt, and strawberries for breakfast!” Messer captioned the photo above. “She is so happy.”

To her credit, she didn't make her kids some wildly elaborate breakfast to overcompensate, by the pic begs the question: if her kids are content with fruit, yogurt and microwaved breakfast foods, why can't she feed them before school?

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Leah's questionable parenting decisions:

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