Leah Messer Responds to Claims That She's Neglecting Her Daughters

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If you watched the the season 7 premiere of Teen Mom 2, you know that Leah Messer wasn't portrayed in the most positive light.

Breakfast of Champions

In one scene that seemed to particularly aggravate fans of the show, Leah is shown rushing her kids to school - apparently without feeding or properly clothing them first - and texting while driving with her daughters in the backseat.

The clothing issue remains unsettled - one of the kids complains about being cold, but it's unclear if Leah is to blame for not properly bundling her daughters up.

As for the lack of breakfast, at one point Leah bluntly tells the girls, “I’m not cooking breakfast when I already have to get up at 5 o’clock.”

In response to criticism from fans and the media, Leah tweeted last night, "Grace was being a drama queen that morning. They eat as soon as they get to school."

Well then, Leah, you should've said that to your daughter (leaving out the "drama queen" part, of course).

Viewers no doubt would've had a much easier time with you reminding her that breakfast will be made available to her at school than with you whining about how early you have to get up.

Several fans pointed out to Leah that texting while driving (which she was shown doing while already distracted by arguing with her daughters) is not only dangerous but illegal.

She responded in the way that we've come to expect from Leah:

"I don't always text and drive, but your [sic] entitled to assume whatever you like," she wrote.

Sigh. Most drunk drivers don't always drive drunk, Leah. That doesn't make it any less dangerous. 

Also, we don't have to "assume" anything. You were on camera clearly texting...Ya know what? We're not gonna argue. We're starting to feel like your daughters, whose team we are totally, totally on, by the way.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Leah's long history of bad parenting decisions:

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