Leah Messer on Parenting Critics: They Hurt My Feelings!

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Monday night's season premiere of Teen Mom 2 featured a scene that's drawn a lot of attention to Leah Messer for all the wrong reasons.

Leah Messer Sticks Her Tongue Out

The episode shows Leah apparently denying her daughters breakfast as she rushes them off to school.

In addition to claims that Messer is neglecting her daughters by failing to properly feed and clothe them (6-year-old Grace complained that she was cold on the drive in, and blamed Leah for not dressing the girls for the weather.), Teen Mom fans have also fired off harsh tweets at Leah for texting while driving with her kids in the car.

Leah's response has drawn almost as much criticism as her actions, as she responded to allegations that she's unfit parent by tweeting that "Grace was being a drama queen."

Now, Leah is elaborating on her feelings about those on social media who agree with her baby daddies about her lack of parenting skills.

“It does hurt my feelings,” she told a fan. “My girls scream to be with me because I am a GREAT MOM!”

Well, we know from Monday's episode that they certainly do scream. We're just not sure if it's for the reason Leah thinks.

Leah has complained in the past that the show is edited in such a way that it makes her look like a worse mom than she is.

Of course, Corey Simms insists the opposite is true, claiming Teen Mom producers helped Leah hide her drug addiction.

So maybe the truth is somewhere in between, and the series is actually more honest than most reality shows.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to decide for yourself.

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