Leah Messer & T.R. Dues: Secretly Back Together?!

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Earlier today, rumors that Leah Messer is a hoarder made the rounds online.

The reports originated from a neighbor of the Teen Mom star who posted a number of shocking accusations on social media, including a claim that Leah is using drugs again.

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Amidst all the more scandalous allegations, one less-surprising revelation was lost in the shuffle.

In one of her many posts about Leah, the anonymous neighbor claimed that Messer is back together with former live-in boyfriend T.R. Dues.

Messer and Dues broke up last month after dating in relative secrecy for several months.

At the time, it was widely rumored that Messer and Dues faked their breakup for the sake of her custody battle with her first husband, Corey Simms.

Now, the neighbor claims that's exactly what happened, and the couple is still going to great lengths to hide their relationship from the public:

“Her boyfriend that she’s been supposedly broken up with is still living with her, and he is such a loser,” the source writes.

“They were filming last weekend, and he left while they were there.”

Leah has yet to respond to her neighbor's allegations, but last night she posted the following quote to Twitter:

“True intimacy is more than fooling around with somebody you’re attracted to. I want to share myself with somebody who will press her hands through the surface of my skin, curl up inside my soul and say, ‘Here, this is who I am.'”

Certainly sounds like someone who's in a relationship to us!

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