Kylie Jenner & Rob Kardashian: The Feud is Over!

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As you probably known, Kylie Jenner and Rob Kardashian haven't been on the greatest terms lately.

So fans were more than a little surprised to see the feuding siblings just casually chillin' on social media yesterday:

Here we thought that if Kylie and Rob ever got in a car with one another again it would be because Kylie had Rob killed and stuffed in the trunk.

But there they are - smiling and hanging out as though Rob's not banging Kylie arch nemesis.

Kylie tried to play it off like there's nothing strange going on here, tweeting, "I see him all the time chill," in reply to the hundreds of responses from baffled fans.

Of course, that's almost certainly BS, as Kylie and Rob haven't been seen together since he started dating Blac Chyna two months ago. 

One popular theory holds that the rumors about Blac being pregnant with Rob's baby are true, and Kylie has learned to accept the relationship, as there's clearly no going back at this point.

Whatever the case, Rob and Blac are clearly on good terms, which is awesome.

It's a real sign of maturity from Kylie, too.

Not many 18-year-olds are put in the position of having to accept their boyfriend's baby mama as their new sister-in-law, but apparently she's making it work.

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