Kris Jenner Asked "People v. OJ Simpson" Producers to Cover Up Evidence??

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The day after Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered in 1994, cameras caught attorney Robert Kardashian, Sr. leaving the house of his friend O.J. Simpson, carrying a suspicious Louis Vuitton bag.

Many people believed that the bag may have contained the murder weapon and other physical evidence linked to the crime.

Kris Jenner in black lace dress
O.J. Simpson, Robert Kardashian

This widely-held theory is why Kris Jenner persuaded producers on The People v. OJ Simpson to omit that detail from the mini series, according to Radar Online.

According to the site, Jenner had met with producers prior to filming to ensure her late husband was portrayed in a positive light, which meant leaving out some incriminating details.

“Kris asked that anything that would harm the memory of Robert not be included, as it would tarnish his legacy," a source told the site.

"It was a ballsy thing for Kris to ask for, and she got it. It was left out and not included.”

In the series, we see Kardashian trying to gain access to Simpson's Brentwood mansion while the estate is swarming with police.

However, the detail about the bag never made it into the series.

“It was absolutely stunning, this huge early development of the murder and the cover-up was just dropped," added the insider.

"Instead, there are scenes of Robert taking the four kids to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant and not waiting for a table because he was recognized as being a pal of O.J.’s."

"What relevance does that have to the murders?” 

In another sensationalized story earlier this year, The National Enquirer alleged that Kardashian gave the bag to Jenner, and that Kris Jenner hid the murder weapon.

However, stunning news this week revealed that the knife thought to have been used in the killings was found buried at Simpson's estate years ago.

A police officer had been holding onto it as a creepy souvenir until recently retiring, according to a report first published by TMZ.

The LAPD is investigating the claim.

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