Kanye West Was An "Aggressive" and Uncooperative Teen, Says Mom's Old Boyfriend

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This is unsurprising, given what we've seen him do lately.

Kanye West and Mom Donda at Waterstones Bookstore in London

81-year-old Willie Scott spoke to the Daily Mail about living with West and his mother, Dr. Donda West when the rapper was a teenager.

After two years of dating, Donda and Kanye moved into Willie's Chicago home, where they lived for four years.

'He [Kanye] was about 14. He was a beautiful kid, but he was aggressive and he was self assured," Willie told the site.

"Kanye didn't want me with his mother or any man for that matter.  He was wrapped up into his mother."

And she him.

"He was the only child and she loved him to death," Willie said.  "She was locked into him period.  So it would not have mattered for me to talk to him when she was the one who made the difference."

Kanye was so defiant, that Willie and Donda went to therapy to work on their relationship, as well as Willie's relationship with Kanye.

"We went to a counselor to see if we could get him on the right path, but Donda wasn't interested," Willie said.

"She wanted ME on the right path. And that is what the dilemma was."

Kanye was up front with Willie on what he would and wouldn't do inside Willie's home, namely chores.

"He told me in front of his mother that he didn't want to have to do anything he didn't have to. So that left the discipline on me basically," Willie recalled.  "And he wasn't cooperative.

"He had to take the responsibility for living here and he wasn't really willing to do that."

Willie had no help from Donda, who "would make excuses" for her son, calling him a "genius."

Genius or not, Willie needed Kanye to help with household chores.

"It was a sticking point…for him to take responsibility for the house," Willie pointed out.

"It was his house and I told him that.  I said 'Son, this is your house and you have to take care of it.'

"But he was not into doing anything but his (rap) work. He did his thing which was doing his music.  He was not interested in anything else, not maintaining anything."

"He was a very creative kid, but he didn't want anything to interfere with what he was doing, and that was his music," Willie said.

Donda passed away in 2007 after complications following plastic surgery.

In 2015,Q Magazine asked Kanye if he had sacrificed anything for fame.

"My mother," Kanye answered.  "If I had never moved to LA, she'd be alive. I don't want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears."

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