John Travolta Wants Male Masseurs ONLY in His Hotel Rooms

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Poor John Travolta.

John Travolta on Oscars Night

Just when the public was starting to forget that he allegedly fondled a bunch of male masseurs a few years ago, a pesky source with access to a hotel rider is having us relive it all over again.

According to his specific hotel room requirements, the actor "needs a male masseur,” a source in the know tells Page Six.

This wouldn't come as a shock at all if he hadn't already been through legal and PR hell after the scandal broke in 2012.

Multiple male massage therapists had accused Travolta of sexual battery and soliciting them for sex, which he vehemently denied.

But that's not the weirdest thing the star demands from his temporary living arrangements.

He also makes the following stipulations:

  • Dark curtains and aluminum foil are to be placed upon the windows so no one can look in
  • He brings his own sheets so forget whatever 200-thread-count garbage you cover your mattresses with
  • No one may enter the room for 24 hours prior to his arrival, lest he catch a whiff of someone else's lingering stank

Unsurprisingly, this last crazy request stems from Travolta's even crazier religion of Scientology, which instructs all members to reject scents.

I can only imagine the scent Travolta leaves behind after all those "massages."

For years and years, Travolta has tried to fight off gay rumors, but they always come back to haunt him.

I say, if this Urban Cowboy is indeed gay, for the love of Pete, BE GAY. 

There's never been a better time for it, plus coming out would likely shift the public's opinion of him from eccentric oddity to beloved hero.

To be sure, if Travolta were gay, it might very well be the most normal thing about him.

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