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In just over two weeks, Joe Giudice will turn himself over to authorities to begin serving a 41-month prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

Now it looks as though the 43-year-old isn’t letting anything stand in the way of him enjoying his final days of freedom – especially not his long-suffering wife, Teresa Giudice.

Teresa Giudice: Fabellini Bottle Signing
Photo via TNYF/

According to Radar Online, Juicy Joe was spotted boozing and getting friendly with some young female fans at an event over the weekend.

No surprise there, given Giudice’s history of infidelity and well-documented struggles with alcoholism.

What is surprising, however, is the fact that the event in question was a book signing for Teresa’s new memoir.

Yes, witnesses at the Mount Airy Casino in eastern Pennsylvania claim that while Teresa was preoccupied signing autographs for fans, Joe busied himself knocking back shots and chatting up young women.

Nothing came of his flirtations, as he and Teresa headed back to the same hotel room at the end of the night, but we’re sure Tre’s not loving the fact that her husband can’t even control himself when she’s in the next room.

Teresa, of course, has defended Joe against cheating allegations in the past, saying that if her husband had ever been unfaithful, it "would’ve come out by now."

"We both want to be with each other," she said in a recent interview. "If we didn’t want to be with each other, we wouldn’t be."

Poor, naive Teresa. On the bright side, booze and pliant young women will soon be very tough to come by for Joe.