Jill & Jessa "Counting On" Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Jinger Flips Out!

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The Duggars are nothing if not an enterprising bunch, as we learned again Tuesday night on Jill & Jessa: Counting On Season 2 Episode 3.

Case in point: Jinger Duggar flipping out!

Jinger, with the aid of siblings John David, Joseph, Jed and Jeremy, hit up a car auction where she purchased her very first car to flip.

As in buy below value, fix up on the cheap, and sell for a profit. Not literally flip. Who do you think she is, Joy-Anna? But seriously folks ...

Speaking of Joy-Anna, she just finished a car-detailing class (seriously), while little bro Justin has been improving his mechanic skills.

It was a true family affair, except for the hardest part.

"I think it's a challenge when people try and negotiate," Jinger told the cameras. "It can pose its challenges talking to a complete stranger."

Fortunately, her brothers were on hand for backup, and when all was said and done, Jinger walked with a nice $500 profit. Go team!

Meanwhile, twins John-David and Jana Duggar, the tied-second oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle's 19 Kids & Counting, are still single.

Nothing new. But what are they gonna do about it?

"John would be great at finding somebody. He has a lot of wisdom in that area, so I'll give him advice ... he gives me advice," Jana mused.

"We can help each other out."

So he's his twin sister's matchmaker then? John admitted he had "checked out" some guys for Jana, but none were up to par just yet.

As for his own prospects?

"I don't know what I'm looking for, really," the 26-year-old lamented, noting his simple but profound criteria. "I'm just looking for the one."

"There is probably somebody out there on the horizon waiting for each of us," John David added. "You've just got to locate them." 

Elsewhere when you watch Jill and Jessa: Counting On online, the titular Jessa Duggar and hubby Ben Seewald struggled with parenting.

Well, Ben struggled.

As Jessa headed out for coffee with Jana  and Anna Duggar, Ben was gearing up for his first time "babysitting," a term Jessa corrected.

"Technically, it's not babysitting if it's your own baby," she said, and she's right ... though his sister-in-law produced the quote of the week.

"My husband's not available to babysit today, so I'm bringing Meredith along!" Anna Duggar joked in a surprising dig at Josh Duggar!

During the girls' coffee date, Jessa couldn't stop thinking about what Ben is up to or gushing about her boy and how "advanced" he is.

Oh, and Spurgeon is too. HI-YO!

Speaking of Ben, he had those first-time jitters when it came to being left unattended with his newborn son, still just weeks old at the time. 

"I guess my first thought was, 'Well, come back before too long!'" he laughed, though he ended up passing the dad test with flying colors.

"I think next time this situation comes up, I'll be more confident because I'll have done it before," Ben said, and Jessa gave him props too.

In Central America, missionaries Jill and Derick Dillard watched as their own little boy, Israel, continued to grow up far from his baby cousin.

"Israel is making new friends," Jill reported. "There are friends at church that he gets to play with. He's already got a love for football."

"He might be a little soccer player!"

Jill and Derick also noted the unintended benefit of living in a developing country outside the U.S.: Izzy doesn't know what he's missing.

"Air conditioning is a luxury to him, so he doesn't know that that's normal in the U.S.," Derick said. "He's used to sleeping with a fan."

Simple pleasures.

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