Jenny McCarthy: Pregnant With Donnie Wahlberg's Baby?!

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These days Jenny McCarthy is as well-known for her controversial views on child-rearing as she is for...whetver else it is that she does.

So naturally, when a photo that suggests Jenny might be pregnant with her second child popped up online today, the Internet lost its collective mind.

Jenny McCarthy: Pregnant?

As you can see, Donnie Wahlberg is touching his wife's stomach in this photo, which can only mean one thing - these two are as thirsty for attention as ever!

Some folks are going so far as to call this an unofficial announcement, but we have our doubts that Jenny is really knocked up.

This latest development comes fresh on the heels of reports that Jenny and Donnie are headed for divorce.

We're not saying she can't be pregnant because they're having relationship problems; we're saying they probably planted the divorce rumors for the same reason that they posed so awkwardly in this photo:

These two have Kardashian-level appetites for attention, but only Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg-levels of fame. 

Remember when Jenny wouldn't stop talking about Charlie Sheen's HIV

Well, the public stopped caring, so Jenny and Donnie have moved on to phase 47,000 of their never-ending plan to score a reality show that no one will watch.

The whole thing is as dumb as Jenny's views on vaccinations.

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