Jennifer Aniston: Moving Out on Justin Theroux?!

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Maybe it's her failed marriage to Brad Pitt, or the fact that Rachel just couldn't make things work with Ross, but for some reason, the world always seems to expect Jennifer Aniston's relationships to fail.

Justin Theroux Hugs Jennifer Aniston

It's only been seven months since Aniston married Justin Theroux, and already there have been several rounds of breakup rumors.

The latest come courtesy of the folks at Radar Online, who are reporting that Jen and Justin are living separate lives - in separate states!

Reports of Aniston and Theroux spending time apart have been circulating for months, but the couple always chalked it up to hectic work schedules.

Shortly after they married, Jen moved to Atlanta for three months, while Justin divided his time between LA and Austin, where he was filming his HBO series The Leftovers

Now, Radar is reporting that Aniston is the one spending the bulk of her time Texas hipster capital, while Justin is back in LA.

A source for the couple claims that the arrangement is only temporary, though, and Justin will be knocking back Shiner Bocks and checking out bands you've never heard of in the backroom of some vegan barbecue joint soon enough:

"Austin is a good compromise for them,” the insider told Radar. “It’s laid back enough for Justin, and Jen feels comfortable there, too.”

So it sounds like these two have just had trouble finding a place to settle. Jen's faced much bigger relationship challenges in the past. *cough* Angelina Jolie *cough*

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