Jared Fogle: Protected By Fellow Perverts In Jail...For a Price

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When Steven Nigg beat the daylights out of Jared Fogle in jail, the former Subway spokesperson allegedly had paid bodyguards to protect his sorry ass.

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Fogle should demand his money back.

Nigg's younger brother, Jimmy told Radar Online that Steven "couldn't help himself" when he attacked Fogle, who suffered a bloody nose, swollen face and a severely scratched neck as a result.

“This isn’t the first time he’s hit a child molester, it’s just the first time he got caught,” Jimmy admitted.

“Steven lost his good time, but he said it was worth it.”

Steven, who is serving time for weapons charges, will be transferred to a facility with heavier security.

“Steven’s been in isolation for 50 days,” Jimmy said.  “They can’t put him out there [in the yard], Jared is still out there.”

In addition to having it out for child molesters (can you blame him?), Steven found out that Fogle was paying other inmates to protect him from getting beat on.

“Jared has money and you can buy inmates to protect you — that set Steve off,” Jimmy explained.

“He has paid protection, he had bodyguards around him. One of them or another child molester must have been the witness [to the fight].

"He can't figure out why you would do that to kids," Jimmy previously told People Magazine. "He says, 'I can't be around those people.'"

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