Farrah Abraham Reveals Plans to Adopt Another Daughter, Discuss Porn Past With Sophia

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We've known for a while now that Farrah Abraham wants to adopt another child, but it wasn't until recently that we learned the details of Farrah's plans to become her generation's Angelina Jolie...minus the talent, career, fan base, or lack of realistic plastic molds of he b-hole for sale on the Internet.

F to the A

Yes, Ms. Abraham served up one of her signature word salads yesterday while discussing her oddly specific plans to bring another young girl into her household:

"We're open to adopting someone who's not just - a child that can not just only be a newborn," Farrah said. "But also a child that is maybe 3 or older.

"There's a lot of, you know, orphans that are so adorable. So, I mean, it just breaks my heart when I see things like that because I grew up around adoptive families and I've always wanted to help. So it's just a time and a place and hopefully soon I will be ready." 

She added that she's planning to adopt a girl "within two years."

So if you're a sufficiently "adorable" female child who will reach the age of three within the next two years, you're in the running for a mom who will totally give you the low-down on her life as a porn star.

Yes, Farrah says she totes plans to talk about her career as an adult film actress and incredibly highly-paid stripper with her daughter, because apparently she hasn't already done enough to ensure that little Sophia will spend the rest of her life in therapy:

"I want to keep it real with her," she says. "Like, a friend. Like, if you wanted to talk and you asked me in-depth details, I would be more than open, you know. "

Yeah! Farrah likes to keep it real! Unless she's lying about being raped, then all bets are off.

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