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Fox Sports anchor and Dancing With the Stars co-host Erin Andrews just scored a major legal victory in her highly-publicized lawsuit against the Marriott International hotel chain.

Back in October, Andrews sued Marriott for $75 million, alleging that the company allowed peeping tom Michael barrett to request the room next to hers without informing her of the potential danger.

The result was a nude video of Andrews that went viral online in 2009.

The veteran sports journalist and TV personality says she was severely traumatized by the incident, and was nearly forced to abandon her career due to feelings of shame and humiliation.

Andrews stated in court testimony that she believes the Marriott corporation and Barrett are both directly responsible for her years of suffering, and today, the jury agreed with her.

It was reported moments ago that Andrews has been awarded $55 million in her lawsuit.

The damages were divided equally between the two defendants, with Barrett ordered to pay $28 million, and the Marriott the remaining $27 million.

Barrett already pled guilty in a criminal case and spent two years behind bars.

Andrews – who had previously given highly emotional testimony – reportedly broke down in tears as the ruling was announced.