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If you’re not familiar with Dan Bilzerian, just imagine if a syringe full of anabolic steroids came to life, inherited a ton of cash, developed a complex after realizing its only 5’5", and started an Instagram page to prove to the world that despite outward appearances, it’s actually a total badass.

If that’s too abstract, just think of any 35-year-old bro who copes with his insecurities by calling everyone p–sies and risking his life with insane stunts:

That’s Bilzerian embarking on a 300-mile bike ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Why? Well, as we learned earlier this month, the professional poker player and self-proclaimed "king of Instagram" recently bet hedge fund manager Bill Perkins $1.2 million that he could complete the trek in less than 48 hours.

Factoring in his many side-bets – including one with entrepreneur and frequent Pam Anderson spouse Rick Salomon in which he put his private jet on the line – Bilzerian has several million at stake.

In fairness, that’s pretty badass  – or at least at would be, were it not for two mitigating factors:

  1. Bilzerian is traveling with two chefs, a masseuse, doctor, bike mechanic, army of assistants and full police escort for a retinue that totals over two dozen.
  2. Bilzerian has suffered four heart attacks in recent years, which kinda makes this whole venture less badass and more dumbass.

"I don’t know how I’m going to feel," recently told The Hollywood Reporter. "I think it’s physically doable, but obviously it’s going to be hell.

"I understand I could die out there. I’ve got to be on point."

Obviously, we don’t think it’s the greatest idea for "Blitz" to be putting his life on the line, but it’s nice that no LA porn stars will be thrown from any roofs for the next couple days.

Plus, he’ll probably be too tired when he gets back. Bonus.

We’ll keep you updated on Bilzerian’s progress over the next 48 hours.