Angelina Jolie: Actress' Weight Has Dropped to 80 Pounds, Tabloid Claims

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Rumors about Angelina Jolie suffering from an eating disorder have persisted for years, but the actress has always dismissed concerns and deflected questions about her diet.

Now, however, an alarming new report has triggered new worries about Jolie's rapidly diminishing weight.

Angelina Jolie: Scary Skinny!

According to the National Enquirer Jolie is down to 79 pounds after months of starving herself. 

Insiders claim husband Brad Pitt has begged Jolie to get help, but she refuses to seek medical attention.

There are conflicting reports about why Angelina might be reluctant to see a doctor.

One source tells the tabloid that the mother of six guards her anorexic tendencies like a drug addiction and being forced to stick to healthy diet would be a nightmare for Jolie.

Another claims that she's not suffering from an eating disorder at all and is afraid of what diagnosis she might receive.

Jolie underwent a double mastectomy and other preventative measures in order to decrease her chances of getting cancer last year, and she's reportedly terrified that the procedures were ineffective.

Still a third "insider" claims that the weight loss is a result of stress caused by problems at home, and Jolie refuses to see a doctor for the simple reason that Pitt is insisting that she do so.

Obviously, we have no way of knowing if any of these explanations are accurate, and we hope for Angelina's sake that they're all bogus. 

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