Amber Rose Posts Topless Pic For #FreeTheNipple Campaign

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Last year, the #FreeTheNipple campaign made waves on social media, mainly because it combined two of the Internet's favorite things - righteous outrage and boobs.

Bruce and Demi's daughter Tallulah got topless to kick things off, and several actual celebrities followed suit, but then - like a Bernie Sanders campaign with boobs - the whole thing sort of fizzled out. Fortunately, Amber Rose is her to bring it back:

Amber Rose Topless on Instagram

Yes, Amber Rose naked is nothing new, bur this time she's not exposing her nipple for art, or Instagram views, or just because she's bored. She's doing it to send a message!

She captioned the above photo, "#FreeTheNipple #MUVA #AmberRoseSlutWalk2016"

So it's safe to assume that not only is Amber a supporter of the ongoing effort to emancipate America's areolae, she's also planning another "slut walk" event.

At last year's she called out Kanye West for slut-shaming women, so obviously the fact that she's doing another one is great news. 

Frankly, we'd be worried if we were Kanye.

There's a rumor going around that Amber wants $10 million to keep Kanye's secrets, and a well-attended slut walk would be the perfect time to spill the beans.

Regardless of your political leanings, exposed boobs and Kanye getting exposed as a douche are two things that everyone can agree on.

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