Adam Lind Reveals Chelsea Houska's Teen Mom Salary, And It's Infuriating

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If there's one thing we can teach future generations, it's that abstinence is for those who don't like money.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

This is the message MTV is now sending out.  Before, it was "Don't get pregnant because your life will change in a bad way."

Now it's, "If you get knocked up, you have a shot at being on Teen Mom and the endorsement deals will provide you with a very comfortable living!"

This is what I gather from Adam Lind's Instagram comments (he's the stand-up gentleman who fathered Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree).  

Lind posted that Houska earned $250,000 last year and that her contract will be renewed and bumped up to "$300,000 plus for new seasons."

I don't know if this guy has any idea what he's talking about, but if it's true, then what are the rest of us doing with our lives?

According to OK!, Lind also claimed that he was "done" with Teen Mom 2 and will only be "milking it out for a free trip to nyc one last time so Stasia has the opportunity to see nyc for free :) Lol andddd I'm out."

Lind was also pissed that his daughter had a $50,000 savings account that only she has access to, insinuating that MTV deposits money earned from the show, which is probably true...and smart.

 Houska's dad, Randy confirmed that yes, that savings account is a college fund set up for his granddaughter.

"Hard to address this much stupid," Randy tweeted.  "Aub's money is in an account that only can be used for her. For college."

Lind also claimed he wouldn't sign future contracts allowing Aubree to be filmed, and that Houska is "trying for more child support" because she "feels $495 a month is necessary."

Lind also took a hit at Houska, her fiance, Cole DeBoer and Randy, asking what on earth they will do when "their fame runs out."

To which Randy responded, "Whatever will I have? Same dental practice I have had for 27 yrs. Chelsea/Cole will have stable jobs, house , cars."

Point: Randy.

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