Adam Lind and Nathan Griffith: Unexpected BFFs Alert!

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Adam Lind and Nathan Griffith may both be members of the Teen Mom 2 Douchey Exes Club, but despite appearing on the same series, Adam and Nathan have little contact with one another.

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After all, they live in completely different parts of the country, and there have long been rumors that Lind and Griffith's ex Jenelle Evans do not get along.

So with Nathan in the midst of a bitter custody battle with Jenelle, perhaps it's not surprising that he looked to Lind for a bit of roid-fueled bro-support.

“Adam and Nathan are planning to hang out,” a source close to the situation tells OK! magazine. “Nathan tried to cut Jenelle’s ties with Adam.”

The insider described the new bromance as "totally odd," but admitted that Lind and Griffith do have a lot in common:

“They are both gym junkies who only care about themselves," says the source. "They should be focusing on their kids and nothing else.”

Though both are distant memories for the women who made them famous (Lind's ex Chelsea Houska recently got engaged to Cole DeBoer.), they'll likely continue to make appearances on the show as long as they're able to drum up drama.

Maybe Lind is planning to teach Griffith how to catch the Internet's attention with a nude photo scandal.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Nathan and Adam's douchiest moments.

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