Virgin Australia to Kanye West: Eat a D---, You Douche

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The greatest thing ever happened on Twitter.  

Kanye West: Saturday Night Live 2.13.16

After Pitchfork gave Kanye West's new album a 9 out of 10, the hot mess refused to accept it, and thus tweeted to the music review site that The Life of Pablo is a "30 out of 10."

Someone got ahold of Virgin Australia's account and tweeted to West, "EAD, you douche."

Virgin Australia tells Kanye West to Eat A D--K

The tweet didn't stay up for more than a minute, before the airline took it down, according to Page Six.

Fortunately for us, someone was able to get a screen grab.

"A recent tweet on our account was not published by a Virgin Australia employee and we are investigating the matter," the airline tweeted to its 210,000 followers.

Given West's recent behavior, fans loved what they saw:

- "Dear @VirginAustralia DWAIWAMM (Don't worry about it we all make mistakes) Please don't fire your social media person."

- "HIRE WHOEVER DID IT. This isn't a bad thing, it needs to be congratulated

- "Oh babe don't apologise, we loved the sass, and Kanye deserves it.

- "That person should become an employee after that. With a big signing bonus.

- "I'm now going to only fly Virgin purely based on your 'EOD' tweet. "

- "that's a shame.   We were all thinking you had major cred what i thought yet another reason to love virgin.... don't apologise embrace."

Virgin Australia wasn't the only verified account to put West in his place.  The Grammy Awards allegedly responded to West's demand for Album of the Year, though they also deleted it shortly after.

I'm not 100% positive that this is the Grammy account, only because there is no blue badge.  Still, what a dig:

The Grammys Put Kanye West In His Place

It's rumored that West had a meltdown on February 13th, and nearly walked out of Saturday Night Live because he wasn't happy with the set.

SNL creator Lorne Michaels and Kim Kardashian had to calm West down until he agreed to stay and perform.

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