The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 8 Recap: Hometown Dates and Heartbreak

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On The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 8, Ben Higgins' hometown dates resulted in some magical moments, but also devastation.

So it goes on The Bachelor when you reach this stage.

As always, if you wanna know who makes it to the finale and wins Ben's final final rose, just read The Bachelor spoilers right here.

If you prefer to remain spoiler-free, well, suit yourself!

Picking up where last week left off, The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 8 saw Ben get down to business with his four hometown hotties.

If you watch The Bachelor online, you know this is what separates contenders from the pretenders. Or something along those lines. 

The first hometown date was in Laguna Beach, Calif., with Amanda, and her two precious young daughters, Kingsley and Charlie.

They took a little while to warm up, but eventually they did, and Ben showed off what a good dad he will undoubtedly be some day.

Of course, being kids, they had a meltdown in the car before - and during - Ben's much-anticipated meeting with the rest of her family.

Ben looked like "a deer caught in the headlights," according to Amanda's dad, and it's clear that he was a tad overwhelmed by it all.

Amanda, for her part, felt like it was going great and had no qualms about saying she was in love with Ben and excited about things.

Up next was Lauren Bushnell in Portland, Oregon, with its roses, food trucks, donuts, whiskey library and public displays of affection.

At Lauren's house, Ben won over her parents, sister and two brothers with relatively little effort and these two are still totes obsessed.

Then it was off to Caila Quinn's in Hudson, Ohio, where the two spent their date at a toy company (her dad is CEO of said company).

Naturally, the couple designed a house, painted the roof, then physically built the house at the factory, then made out inside the thing.

Pretty much the whole date was a setup so they could make out. And for Caila to get not-at-all ahead of herself with quotes like this:

"I know Ben is the one and I know that I'm going to marry him and I know that we're going to have a happily ever after."

Here's hoping. Based on his interactions at her folks' house, she may want to temper those expectations just a little bit.

Her dad asked Ben what it's like "dealing with microwave fame" (fleeting fame for kind of no reason), and as for Caila's mom?

She asked if he'd ever met any Filipinos before. A fair question, we suppose. At least she seemed to like the guy for the most part.

The most insane date was yet to come, though ...

In Dallas, Texas, JoJo Fletcher got f--ked by producers like no other. How? Well, poor JoJo was gifted with a love letter and flowers.

That the staff let her believe came from Ben.

In reality, they were from her ex-boyfriend Chad, which she realized only after she read his romantic letter aloud, on camera.

"No! No! I don't want to read this," JoJo said furiously, storming across the room and crying ... and then deciding to call Chad.

"I literally have gone through so much since you've been gone," Chad said over the phone. "It's taken me this time apart to like grow."

Chad said he knows now "what I want for the future. And it's you. ... Listen. I now know what love is and you showed me what love was."

JoJo was not having it, however:

"There were so many times that you walked away and didn't look back, when I begged you to stay and now you're doing this. Like, now?"

Just then, Ben pulled up in a car outside, forcing her to explain why she was a total wreck. The rest of the date? Not much better!

Higgins did alright with her parents, but her brothers Matt and Ben grilled him and weren't impressed by what he had to say. At all.

In the end, there could be only three roses, and despite the awkwardness that was Dallas ... Ben sent Amanda home in tears.

Who do you think will be the two women Ben is in love with next week when things get even more serious?! Hit the comments!

Still In: Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn and JoJo Fletcher.

Out: Amanda Stanton.

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