The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 7 Recap: Who Made Ben Higgins' Final Four?!

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On The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 7, Ben Higgins' journey officially reached the point where he selected his coveted final four.

Who would earn those roses ... or a plane ticket home?

As always, if you wish to know who makes it to the season finale and wins Ben's final final rose, read The Bachelor spoilers here.

If you prefer to remain spoiler-free, let's recap Monday!

Picking up where last week left off, The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 7 saw Higgins get down to business with his six remaining ladies.

If you watch The Bachelor online, you know that this is the first week without Olivia Caridi to play the villain. So what was the focal point?

A trip to Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana.

Unlike Chris Soules' hometown of Arlington, Iowa, however ... Ben actually lives in Denver now. But still, such a quaint place for a date.

Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher, the obvious frontrunners, take up most of the screen time as the former tours the place Ben grew up.

The latter, meanwhile, gets ... empty Wrigley Field.

JoJo even gets a Chicago Cubs jersey that says “Mrs. Higgins” on the back. “Mrs. Higgins… sooounds good…” JoJo, totally naturally.

The group date featured one rose and two boats: Ben and Caila pile into one while Becca and Amanda follow behind them from a distance.

Sucks for them. Next, they fly kites apparently.

Amanda ultimately gets the rose, Becca breaks down, Caila struggles with her own insecurities, and the tears start flowing all night long.

Meanwhile, Ben tells us he wants to take Amanda to McDonald’s because “That’s a normal thing for me.” Yes, product placement alert!

After that giant advertisement, they went to the fair (because small town Indiana) and generally seemed to hit it off in this swell place.

Ben’s date with Emily, though? Wow. Just wow.

Either the producers paid her to embarrass herself or they got lucky, because it's hard to imagine a meet-the-parents date going worse.

“I have so many dreams to accomplish,” Emily tells Ben’s mom, later explaining that said dreams entail becoming ... an NFL cheerleader. 

It got worse from there, if you can believe that.

"I’m so average at everything in life,” she says, really selling herself. “I will be an above-average mom, and an above-average wife.”

You don't want to go in there and oversell yourself or pretend to be something you're not, but probably not the best sales pitch in history.

Ben’s parents were not exactly bowled over, and this week proved to be her last as she was sent packing while the other girls watched.

That seemed a little cold, but hey, it's reality TV.

At the rose ceremony, Ben had four to give up and one Becca Tilley to eliminate, as the entire episode had been telegraphing throughout.

Caila Quinn earned the last rose - in terms of the one that was the most up for grabs - while this is still Lauren's game to lose honestly.

JoJo has an outside shot, but nothing more.

Still In This Thing & Headed to the Coveted Final Four: Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton and JoJo Fletcher.

Out: Becca Tilley and Emily Ferguson.

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