The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 6 Recap: Deep, Intellectual Things Are My Jam

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On The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 6, Ben Higgins narrowed his field of contenders considerably, sending three ladies packing.

Was now-infamous villain Olivia Caridi one of them?

As always, if you wish to know who makes it to Ben's final four and - and wins Ben's final rose - peep The Bachelor spoilers here.

If you prefer to remain spoiler-free, or if you love spoilers but just want the brief 4-1-1 on another cringe-worthy episode, read on!

Picking up where last week left off, The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 6 saw Ben pull Olivia to the side before the rose ceremony began. 

Would this be the end for Olivia after the previous week's cliffhanger? If you thought so, obviously you don't watch The Bachelor online.

The editors are better than the action. Just saying.

Jennifer is sent home instead. Then it's off to the Bahamas, where it's twin Emily vs. Olivia for all the marbles ... kinda. But first:

Ben takes Caila on a one on one, which leaves Leah (who is feeling so overlooked that we don't even know who she is) crushed.

Despite considerable nonsense babbling on the part of Caila, she ends up with a rose. Ben says it was an awesome date ... somehow.

The group date involved a collection of swimming pigs involved, Ben hitting it off with Lauren Bushnell, and Leah losing it once again.

Leah tries to sling mud at Lauren in the hopes that something will stick, but it comes off like she's lying, trying much too hard, or both.

Probably both. Ben sends her to pack her bags ASAP.

Finally, the two-on-one date between Emily and Olivia begins, and man alive, there is a storm brewing. Of the weather variety. Literally.

Oh, the symbolism, Bachelor Nation. The symbolism.

You have to give props to nature and the producers for working together to create this kind of atmosphere for the high-stakes showdown.

In the end, it's about the girls, though, and wow. WOW.

When Olivia tells Ben that "deep, intellectual things are my jam,” well, she's reached Peak Olivia. But what can we surmise from that?

Ben knows what he has to do. Even though Emily had all but assumed defeat, Higgins took the rose and ... sent Olivia home instead!

Emily got a rose and another 15 minutes of fame on ABC.

Olivia got left behind on the beach, where for all we know she's still there or getting blown out to sea by a high pressure weather system.

Hurricane Olivia returns to her tropical roots, if you will.

One of our favorite subtleties is how the show always leaves the impression that the two-on-one date loser is literally left in the dust.

Wherever she ends up ... she will be in the gallery above!

There was no cocktail party after that, and at the rose ceremony, Lauren Himle was sent home to complete Ben's elimination trifecta. 

In previews for next week and beyond, Ben QUESTIONS EVERYTHING, is in love with two women, and brings back someone who left.

It's gettin' real, ladies and gentlemen. More real every day.

Still In This Thing: Lauren Bushnell (below), Becca Tilley, Emily Ferguson, Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton and JoJo Fletcher.

Out: Olivia Caridi, Lauren Himle and Leah Block.

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