The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 5 Recap: Olivi-UGGH!

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On The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 5, the romantic "journey" of Ben Higgins again looked like the Olivia Caridi reality show.

To put it mildly, she's a piece of work. Would this be her last episode?

As always, if you wish to know who makes it to the final four and FOREVER with Ben, then peep The Bachelor spoilers galore.

If you are spoiler-free, or if you love spoilers but have already read them and are here for recaps of cringe-worthy TV, read on!

Picking up where last week left off, The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 5 saw Ben and the remaining ladies head south of the border.

This week on The Bachelor, Ben Higgins and the girls said buh-bye to Las Vegas and headed south of the border to Mexico.

Olivia was certain she'd get the first one-on-one, saying:

"He doesn't validate people the way he validates me... My gut's telling me that I'm going to have a one-on-one. I know it's me."

In reality, the date card was addressed to Amanda.

Olivia's response? "Wow. I'm surprised Amanda's name is on that card just because she does have children. I don't think that's what Ben wants."

"I certainly don't think she is the right person for him."

Opinions from the peanut gallery aside, Amanda opened up about her former husband and how he broke her heart and left her.

"How could I not sit here and just look at you and just be like, 'You're incredible?'" Ben responded, giving her the rose obviously.

"It breaks my heart to think that somebody out there wouldn't wrap you up and wrap your daughters up and love on you in those moments."

Wow. Swoon alert if ever there were one, right?

After some awkwardness on the night's group date, Ben pulled Jubilee aside for a serious talk. Then he cut her loose then and there.

Jubs felt "unlovable" but Ben just didn't think it was a good fit. As for the other women on the group date ... he gave Olivia the rose!

Don't worry, there's more O.C. drama to come.

Ben and Lauren H. took part in Mexico City's Fashion Week on their one-on-one date, and she opened up about her past as well.

Lauren once across the country for a boyfriend who cheated on her, but don't worry, she remains open to life and love and all that.

Rose? Handed out, to state the obvious.

Finally, at the cocktail party, it was crazy time once more.

Putting her "fat toes" in her mouth (figuratively and perhaps literally), Olivia made this amazing observation about her love life:

"I feel like it's an episode of Teen Mom that I watch." 

NOTE: She can watch Teen Mom online anytime if the mood strikes. NOTE #2: When Amanda called her out on this, she cried.

Hard. Emily did not believe Olivia's tears were real, so she told Ben. Amanda then told Ben she felt "targeted" by Olivia, no less.

Then Jennifer told Ben that she had concerns over whether Olivia was being 100% real with him. Yes, everyone was piling it on!

Confused, Ben asked to speak with her for a few minutes.

TO BE CONTINUED! You can watch The Bachelor online to see the episode in full, though the rose ceremony is still to come.

Still In: Lauren Bushnell (below), Becca Tilley, Olivia Caridi, Lauren Himle, Emily Ferguson, Leah Block, Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton and JoJo Fletcher.

Out: Jen Saviano and Jubilee Sharpe.

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