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Teresa Giudice has made it clear that sex with Joe Giudice was one of the things she missed most while she was behind bars.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone actually looking forward to being coated in a slick layer of Juicy Joe sweat, but it seems Teresa wasn’t kidding. In fact, Life & Style is already reporting that the newly-sprung Housewife is pregnant with her fifth child!

Teresa Giudice Talks to E!

It may seem like the worst possible timing, but with Joe Giudice set to start his own 41-month prison sentence sometime in the next few weeks, this might be Joe and Teresa’s only chance to expand their family.

Teresa reportedly announced to friends that she’s "determined to conceive before Joe begins his sentence" in March.

Now friends are claiming they have reason to believe Teresa may already be knocked up: 

“She’s been acting really excited about the future, and she looks like she’s put on some weight, I think she could actually be pregnant,” says one insider.

Sources say Joe Giudice is even more psyched about the potential new addition than Teresa, as he believes a baby may be the key to saving his marriage.

As you may have heard, rumors that Joe cheated on Teresa while she was behind bars were everywhere over the past few months.

To make matters worse, there’s a chance that Joe could be deported to Italy after he’s released from prison. 

Insiders close to the situation tell Life & Style that Joe believes a baby will ensure that Teresa and the rest of the kids will come with him, if he should be forced to relocate to his native Italia.

Frankly, we can’t wait for the premiere of Real Housewives of Venice!