Teen Mom O.G. Recap: Simon vs. Debbo, Gary vs. Matt!

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This week on Teen Mom O.G., Simon Sarah came back into Farrah Abraham's life, making us wonder if they would be together forever.

Yeah, right.

When Teen Mom Season 12 Episode 8 began, Mother of the Year Farrah decided to give her daughter, Sophia, over a thousand dollars.

Sorry, the Tooth Fairy gave Sophia that money. "That's the most the Tooth Fairy's ever given you!" Farrah said of the four-figure amount.

Not sure what Sophia's going to do with $1K in British pounds, but her proud mama made sure to pray about it during breakfast, saying:

"Sophia got visited by the awesome Tooth Fairy today! Please watch over Sophia at school! And help us with our big move coming soon!"

"And thank you for forgiving us for our sins!"

You simply cannot make this stuff up, people.

As for Farrah's aforementioned ex-boyfriend, mom Debra Danielsen had real reservations and asked to speak with Simon Saran privately.

 "You're almost a mirror image of [Farrah's dad] Michael," Debra said, in accusatory fashion. "Almost uncanny, the personality type."

"So there's things like passive-aggressive behavior. There's things like anger that comes from that. That scares me, OK?"

"Because that's all forms of domestic violence."

Simon, understandably, seemed shocked that Farrah's mom was sort of accusing him of domestic violence out of nowhere, and responded:

"I'm not a violent person like how you're kinda making me out to be right now, which is kinda weird because I've never ever done anything like that."

"I've heard stories about you doing certain things."

So basically, Farrah may or may not be dating an abuser and is definitely the daughter of an emotionally unstable wreck in ehr own right.

Really explains a lot of things, doesn't it?

Over in Indiana, things were pretty tense between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley this week, all thanks to (you guessed it) Matt Baier.

After accusing Matt of having seven children (he was wrong ... Baier has eight kids), Gary finally opened up to producers about the issue.

"I don't hate Matt," Shirley explained to the cameras. "I don't want Leah to be abandoned. I don't want Leah to start feeling close to this guy."

"[He and Amber] get married, and who knows, maybe [she] calls him 'daddy.' He's abandoned his kids ... he's not paying child support."

"What kind of father is that?"

Amber's take on it is much more forgiving. "I want us to be in a better place trusting each other," she told Matt on a casual horse ride.

"I have a lot of trust issues."

Ya think?

At least they're attempting to communicate as best they can, unlike Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards, who still can't figure that out.

Ryan was super annoyed when his ex didn't invite him to the hospital for their son's tonsil surgery, though his parents understood.

"You used to be a butt to her," his mother said. Meanwhile, Maci is pregnant with her third child (by her fiance Taylor McKinney).

She gave us some insight into their romance when she asked him, "Can I exchange blow jobs for laundry service?" Whatever works.

Finally, Tyler Baltierra's troubled dad Butch decided to move out of his son's house after he met a woman, which T was nervous about.

In therapy, Butch revealed that he was abused by his father in graphic detail, which explains a lot, and speaks so well of Tyler and Catelynn.

The fact that they're so happy and relatively stable after such a troubled upbringing by questionable characters is nothing short of remarkable.

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