Sam Smith Flaunts INSANE Weight Loss on Instagram!

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Sam Smith has been a household name in the US for a couple years now, and like most celebrities, he's been the subject of near-constant rumors about his appearance and personal life.

Smith has already experienced a few A-list rites of passage, such as hanging out with the Kardashians and gossip about his sexual orientation, and now it looks like he can cross eating disorder speculation off his list, as well.

Sam Smith Skinny

The 23-year-old added the above photo to Instagram yesterday, and the comments from "concerned" followers began rolling in almost instantly.

“OMG @samsmithworld you are too skinny!! Stay healthy!!! pls!” wrote one fan.

“HOW DIFFERENT DOES HE LOOK whaaat," wrote another.

For the most part, however, the feedback was positive, with one commenter reflecting the consensus by writing, “You look great. Don’t listen to anyone who says you need to be thicker or thinner. You’re perfect when you’re happy.”

Smith has addressed his body image issues in the past, saying in an interview last year:

“I saw a picture of me on New Year’s Eve topless on a beach in Sydney and it made me want to kill myself. 

“I just thought I was huge. I’ve had issues with my weight since I was a kid…My dad became a fitness trainer when I was 12 and he tried to help me, but I’ve always had issues.”

The singer says he has no special trick for losing weight and credits the book Eat. Nourish. Glow. for helping him shed pounds, stating that the book "completely transformed" his relationship with food.

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